Choco Bar Rijeka

All lovers of Kraš delicacies can now enjoy themselves even more on Korzo, the main shopping street of Rijeka, because their favourite Bonbonnière shop shines with new splendour under a new name the Choco Bar Bonbonnière Kraš.

At the shop premises laid out on two floors, exuding tradition and elegance, there is a wide offering of original, handmade filled chocolates, a variety of cocktails inspired by the Kraš flagship brands, original Kraš ice-creams blended by hand on a frozen slab, chocolate fondue, pastries, and other confectionery.

Pay a visit to the Choco Bar Bonbonnière Kraš and indulge in our delicacies!


Korzo 24a
51 000 Rijeka

T: +385 51 580 959
F: +385 51 580 959

Manager: Mirjana Negovetić

Working hours:

Bar Mon. - Fri. 07:00 - 23:00
Shop Sat. - Sun. 07:00 - 21:00 MAP