Gift packs

Choco Bar Bonbonnière Kraš is an ideal place to choose sweet tokens of affection for all occasions.
Along with a wide selection of unique gift packs, we are offering you the possibility to create a gift according to your own wishes.
Select fine filled chocolates, get them packed in an elegant box of your choosing, decorate all with a ribbon, and there you have the original gift for all your beloved ones or business partners.

In Choco Bar you will always find a great range of occasional gifts and packs for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and all important occasions in your life.

A small white box with four handmade filled chocolates is the original idea for wedding bon-bons. Match the colour of a decorating ribbon with a colour of your wedding bouquet and present your guests with an elegant gift as the keepsake of your special day.

Message written on chocolate; how cute is it?
If you would like to convey a message of love or give a small token of your attention, just say it to the personnel of Choco Bar and your wish will come true.