Welcome to the Kraš chocolate world

We are offering a wide range of original, handmade filled chocolates along with a selection of famous Kraš products at the premises of Choco Bar exuding tradition and elegance.
A specific feature of the Choco Bar range are also cocktails with fanciful decorations made to original recipes and named after the most famous Kraš sweet delicacies.

The lovers of sweet treats are offered a great choice of luxurious cakes and pastries made to recipes of Kraš master confectioners.

We are especially proud of ice-cream inspired by Kraš flagship brands Bajadera, Griotte, Dorina, Bananko, and other top-selling products. The special quality of this ice-cream is beside in its taste in the way it is made and served.
Choco bar Bonbonnière Kraš, as the first one in Croatia, offers ice-cream that is blended by hand on a frozen slab and enrobed with Kraš chocolate and praline coatings, honey, hazelnut, dried strawberries, biscuit, jelly and other mix-in toppings according to your wishes.

Enjoy the gorgeous experience in the chocolate world and perhaps you would fancy giving one of our thoroughly selected delicacies as a sweet token of your affection.

Yours Choco Bar Bonbonnière Kraš